Here are some ideas for en epic winter!

Looking for family-friendly activities this winter? Our bloggers have some great ideas!

  • Winter Break Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

    One of the things I love most about winter break is the way it gives my family the chance to really appreciate all the fun winter has to offer. Too often, we tend to hide away indoors when snowy weather arrives instead of embracing the opportunities that winter brings. But this year, Babybel is making winter cool for kids with an amazing contest that could let you enjoy winter to its fullest with your whole family! Looking for activities could fill your winter break days? Here’s my collection of top ideas for both indoor and outdoor fun, plus more info about the amazing Babybel contest!


    Have a Winter Bonfire

    There’s no need to save that fire pit in your backyard for summer! Fill a thermos with hot chocolate, grab a bag of marshmallows and bundle up for some fun around the fire! If you thought a gooey roasted marshmallow was good in the summer heat, wait until you try one on a crisp winter’s day!

    Build a Quincy

    This classic twist on a traditional snow fort is so warm that you can actually sleep in it! Making one takes time and lots of snow, but really couldn’t be easier. Just pile snow into as large of a mound as possible. Let it sit for a few days so the outer layer hardens, then hollow out the inside to create a cozy fort for cold days. Don’t forget to poke an air hole in the top when you’re done!

    Go on a Nature Hike

    Winter can be a great time to learn more about nature! Wait until after a new snowfall and then head out to look for animal tracks. Let the kids guess what kind of animal made each set of prints, and point out the differences between the different types of tracks you find. You’ll be amazed by just how many animals are out and about in the winter months.


    Visit an Animal Shelter

    Just like any pet, animals in a shelter often don’t get to play outside as much when the weather gets cold. And that means they’ll be especially excited to have visitors come play with them for a few hours! Whether you take a few dogs out for a walk or just sit and play with the cats for an hour or two, the furry friends are sure to appreciate the attention!

    Try a New Recipe

    Learning to cook is such a useful skill for children! Pick a kid-friendly recipe that your family can whip up together, and let them get their hands dirty in the kitchen. Try something sweet and winter-themed like snow ice cream or get a little more complicated with a hearty winter warmer like homemade chili. No matter what you cook up as a family, kids love eating food they helped to make!

    Make a Cool Craft

    If the weather’s too cold to head outdoors, why not create a craft that will help local wildlife make it through those chilly winter days in comfort? Make simple waste-free bird feeders by spreading peanut butter or lard on a pinecone and rolling it in birdseed. Or string pieces of popped popcorn, cranberries and whole-grain cereal onto string for an outdoor tree garland that’s as pretty as it is delicious!

  • Epic Ski Scooter Challenge

    My boys challenged me to an epic ski scooter competition this winter. Keeping my balance was harder than I thought!